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Autodesk Engagement

Today, selection of building products during the construction process is a messy compromise fraught with tension between owners, building professionals, and manufacturers. Through research into the DIY, professional residential, and commercial building processes we sought to understand how product selections are made to help Autodesk, the market leader in software for building professionals, improve the experience for all parties.

Aided by diagrams I drew, we found these conflicts arose from different vocabularies and motivations of owners, professionals and manufacturers. We proposed a system of concepts, utilizing Autodesk's competency in visualization and modeling, that illustrate how this and other principles could facilitate stakeholder engagement throughout the building process.

Matchfolio helps owners discover and select building professionals based on their mutual style. Deskray Vision helps owners and professionals find locations where they can view products in use and helps manufactures showcase their products beyond showrooms. Housecall gives owners a consolidated way to contact the appropriate professional if something goes wrong, professionals a direct means of recalling what was installed wherever they are, and manufacturers a window to their products after installation.

Today's broken experience

A vision for a better experience

Opportunities in the landscape

Assist all stakeholders

Six strategies

Range of concepts

Assist with selection

Project Information

Spring 2010
Amber Lindholm, Cecilia Ambros, Elena O’Curry, Fei Qi, Jill Haagenson, Kshitij Sawant, Libby Taggart, Mehmet Tolgay Cirakoglu, Nikhil Mathew, Owen Schoppe, Pinxia Ye, Tom DeVries

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