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A collaborative solo show at the 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, NY, Vertigoes engaged visitors in a continual carnival driven by their participation. Lacking instructions or supervision, the sculpture directs participants in its use through vernacular forms of handles, tractor seats, reclining chairs, and cushioned benches. Engaging with these interactive elements triggers unexpected rewards, encouraging participants to further explore the installation. Pairs of participants riding on teeter-totters activate the music boxes affixed to the windows, animate the chandelier, and power the carousel to spin, affording participants multiple roles and perspectives. I was responsible for designing many of the interactions and mechanisms, as well as construction.

Woman riding the carousel Carousel Carousel Mech See-saw Man riding see-saw See-saw See-saw See-saw Seat Flying Elephants Music Box Hub Music Box Window

Project Information

Nate Green, Owen Schoppe
3rd Ward Brooklyn, NY

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