I'm a designer / developer / maker of things.


About Me

I design and develop products that enable experiences for people that defy their expectations and change how they inhabit the world. I love tools, using them and making them. I nerd out over boolean logic, keyboard interactions, and comboboxes.

Currently I work at Salesforce, where I've had the privledge of leading the redesign of lists and filtering for the new Lightning UI, leading the redesign of Lightning Flow, and working with the UX R&D team to define, design, and develop Einstein Designer, a machine learning powered tool to automate key design tasks for marketers and merchandisers.

Previously I studied design strategy and interaction design at the Institute of Design. My design career started at Bard College where I built interactive sculptures that used vernacular objects to engage visitors in novel interactions. Through internships at Doblin and organicARCHITECT, I began translating my sculptural talents to design. I have extended these skills at the Institute of Design with techniques to build empathy with users, rapidly explore concepts, and develop a supporting business case.


Design and Code by Owen