Sustained by Design is a project developing tools to help designers tackle sustainability, while working in the conceptual phases of the design process.

A Gap For New Tools
Today, there is a lack of tools to help designers and planners generate sustainable design directions. Designers who are interested in sustainability find the only tools available to them either address corporate strategy or measure and track materials. Addressing this gap, we created several tools that connect user centered methods with sustainability principles.

Two Core Frameworks
Deliver, Use, Dispose
First, using an abreviated life cycle framework centered around end users, designers can get a better picture of the complete user experience and prevent gaps in the sustainability plan of the final concept.

Materials, Energy, Water, Emissions, Toxins
Second, keeping five high-level environmental impact categories in mind can help identify conflicts between user based design criteria and sustainability, and improve concept evaluation during synthesis.

User Centered and Sustainable
We packaged these two frameworks into several tools that help designers address sustainability from research to synthesis, intuitively relating sustainability to user centered design criteria and creating systematic solutions that meet both requirements.

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Posted: December 17th, 2010
Categories: Strategy